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What the fuck?

I have too many ideas, out of which none seem to be feasible.

Since the end of last summer, I:

  • Developed Buildat for 2 months. It ended up way too large to finish.
  • Developed Soilnar: Intrusion Underground for 1 month.
  • Created Wandstep in 1 month. I don't think anyone wants to play it.
  • Developed Soilnar: Intrusion Underground for another 1 month.
  • 10 days ago moved back to developing Soilnar: Danagen Industries.

Yes, I moved back to Danagen Industries.

I ended up experimenting with the world structure in Intrusion Underground, and as a result, I realized I still want a large contiguous world. Danagen Industries happens to be built for a large contiguous world.

I went to diagnose whether I could fix the problems I was having with D.I. 26 or so months ago, and fixed them in a matter of hours.

Now I hate half of the things I've done in the past two years.

Anyway a half-working version is running at play3.soilnar.net. Go play it or something and maybe tweet me a reply if you still like it.

I plan on starting to blog about stuff regularly again, but we'll see how that goes. EDIT: Nah. Probably not.

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