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First Post!

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In a true DIY spirit, I just finished rewriting the code for this website and writing the code for this blog. It is a UNIX Makefile + Python script that produces a static website. It has it's cons, but the pros are:

  • Easy to test on a development machine
  • Very fast and cheap hosting - can be hosted literally anywhere
  • The site can never be down because of server-side scripting bugs.
All in all, I like it. I still need to implement RSS and some paging kind of thing once there are enough posts, but that will be a bit later.

I'm starting a blog here for writing longer ramblings and analyses about random things and stuff I am thinking about. Things like:

  • Design of games
  • Writing about the tech behind 8Dromeda games (and other games)
  • Wondering about where to go and what to try
  • Begging for people to try my things
  • How to (not) get anything done whatsoever when you're tied to other things 38% of your wake-up time

I am interested in seeing whether somebody might be interested in reading the kind of stuff I might happen to write. This will also serve as a history record of things I have done.

- A of 8Dromeda

Next post: Project Soilnar

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