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Miscellaneous Questions

>The graphics are kinda... ouch.. to the eyes, though if you're making what you're making then I think it might be fun. So what is the whole game [Ternadim] about?

I'm not sure if I can explain the core point of it, but here are a couple of points:

  1. It is an experiment about creating an RTS using tile-like voxels, a free-flying FPS-like camera and the C language. You can try it to see if you feel the hardware better without all the bloat of modern frameworks, engines and libraries.
  2. It attempts to create a quirky cyberpunk feel, making the player laugh and grin at... things that really shouldn't be that way and doubt what is even right in the world at all. You can roleplay a battle commander doing questionable things without giving a shit.
  3. It attempts to poke some nostalgia out of 90's C&C fans
  4. [And of course making a good game from a gameplay perspective.]

Personally, as an artist, I find it hard to see where the core point is ending up until the end result is done and the dust has settled. I have several aims here, because I just happen to have several aims.

[Also I do think these aims work together fairly well.]

>Btw, what about that MMO [Soilnar]?

I currently have two larger projects; this is one, and the MMO is the other one. At any given time I just work on whichever I feel like working on. It's nice to be able to escape to an another worthwhile project when you run out of some kind of "creative juice" for the other one.

These do have some overarching characteristics though; at times they kind of build on top of each other.

For example, when I am talking or writing about game 1, I often come up with miscellaneous names and things that actually are more fun in game 2. I quite freely exchange and share ideas between the games.

So, as a project, the MMO is frozen ATM, and is waiting until I get my hands off of Ternadim once again. I'm quite determined to get Ternadim into a release-worthy state ASAP, but that might still take one or two steps of alternating the work.

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