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Random Dev Notes #1

I have abandoned this blog for now, as writing it takes more effort than what the end result is worth to anyone. For current updates, check out twitter (lightweight weekly updates) and this forum thread (miscellaneous raw data).

Today's design log entry so far:

What if there were multiple sites like in original Soilnar, so that if you drive up from the topmost layer, you end up in an overworld view where you can travel between sites using fuel?

Then some sites could be transforming ones (multiple layers) and some could be static ones (one layer); the static ones could be on rocky areas in overworld and others could look less rocky.

The current version of Soilnar is Intrusion Underground Alpha 1.5.

You can try the current version here.

In this, the world consists of 4 or 5 layers of size 150x150, which transform upwards at a fixed interval changing their contents (lava turns solid, ores turn less valuable and stuff like that) which are surrounded by (newly added) non-transforming ground, on which bases could be built without losing them in transformations.

The problem in the current version is that it feels too cramped, there's not enough exploration and including base building in it is very unintuitive and clumsy.

I really like the world structure in the original design of Soilnar.

Moving back to an overworld and sites should fix all of this, without introducing the different problems of a huge single-layered world.

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