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Soilnar: Danagen Industries

Also known as Danagen Industries: GC90345. Blog posts:

What's this?

Soilnar is an attempt at making a somewhat unusual browser-based MMO. Players take part in a mining operation on a distant moon, driving their ground-based mining ships, trading stuff, managing a dynamic supply/demand based economy, shoot each other with lasers and stuff like that.

This is an old iteration of the game which probably won't be released.

Mine, trade, unite and fight for your presence on GC90345, a moon chosen for a series of mining operations.

It is slow-paced, real-time and tactical. Most of the time you drive some kind of a ship - some of the time looking for minerals; some of the time trading anything that happens to fit in your cargo holds; sometimes you are hunting down a valuable transport of goods, equipped with an unfair amount of lasers; sometimes you are building defences for a base; sometimes you are setting up a new industrial facility.

Sometimes you have a full load of cargo waiting to be transported to a distant trader. Sometimes you need to transport a lot of cargo, but your ship can only carry a small fraction of it.

In this thing, you can do stuff:

In development since 2012-09.